Day 13:
Shane’s type: alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: Less than 10% in his age group



“Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.”

15 years ago today our country experienced a horrific tragedy.
We will always remember that day so clearly.
We remember those who lost their lives, those brave rescuers and those who lost loved ones.

Paul and I were living in the DC area at the time. Paul’s apartment was just blocks away from the Pentagon. It left a significant impact on our lives.

Today, I think of grief those children who lost their parents, parents who lost children and all those who lost in connection to this day.

I think of this song, sang in tribute to those on 9/11 and how music is a powerful tool in navigating through grief.

It was also playing when we got into the car after Shane’s funeral services.

No truer words to describe children with cancer.


Shane, you are our hero.