A Week Of Firsts

A Week Of Firsts PostShane had a busy week last week. He went to his first Phillies game and to the beach to play in the sand.We are doing what we normally would, as long as he is feeling and looking good. He loved both! While we didn’t actually see the game because of weather (game started late) he enjoyed the sights and sounds of the stadium. We will take him next week to another game-well you know depending on how he’s feeling.Then we spent this weekend down the shore with his mommom and poppop. He loved the sand on his toes and racing to put reeds in his mouth, but daddy was too quick. It was the first time Shane was back to the beach since he was a newborn. He was 5 weeks old for his first walk on the beach.Now we are back to a normal routine and prepping for Wednesday’s overnight stay.

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