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Back In PostThis Thursday we took an early morning journey from the shore to CHOP, so that Shane could complete his inpatient treatment for week 22 (half way done!!). We pushed his treatment back a day so we could celebrate big brother’s 7th birthday. We arrived at 7:20 am and he completed his treatment at 4 pm. It always happens that way. You think it will be a swift admittance, but then clinic gets crowded, there are no cribs, etc. You just have to go with the flow and luckily the doctors work with us so that we can get out the next day at a reasonable time. For this treatment Shane gets a shot 24 hours after treatment in order to boost his white blood cell count. We were looking at a 4 pm discharge. Luckily, we were out by 2 pm. This treatment is the harshest in terms of the type of chemo he is receiving. He hasn’t had it since the end of round 1, so I anticipated some bumps. Plus, he is mobile now. On top of the chemo, he also gets a bolus of fluids for 8 hours for hydration. This is a long time to have little man hooked up! Thankfully, he enjoys his stroller and when we got onto the floor they had music in the playroom with his favorite teacher. It helped kill a good hour. Shane struggled settling himself later in the night. Even though he was tired, he didn’t fall asleep unless I held him. I could tell he was getting nauseous so I held him for a good 2.5 hrs and then tried to lay him in the crib. Then he got really sick. The next morning it was the same until we doubled up on some anti-nausea medicine. He was then line free and roaming the halls, smiling and flirting. It took a full day for his appetite to come back. He continued to nurse, but did not eat solids until yesterday. We are enjoying a relaxing weekend until we have some more obstacles later in the week. Thank you for continued support. Please keep Shane in your prayers.

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