Boston Bound

Boston Bound Post

We had to wake him this morning. So cute, holding his favorite friend.

Today, Paul and I are sitting at CHOP waiting for Shane to wake up from a surprise MRI. I got the call Monday asking about sedation for an MRI before I even knew he was scheduled for one. Apparently the doctors felt it would be useful to have a recent scan since we are set to head to Boston (finally) for our second opinion trip. The doctors were very upfront with us in July that they would not be re-scanning him until January, so you can imagine our surprise. We have been assured that there is no cause for concern, just curiosity. Since Shane is now over one year, the rules for sedation have changed. Breast milk is now considered a solid, so he was not allowed any after 11 pm last night. This morning he refused water and juice…so stubborn. They were able to give him some “giggle juice,” which calmed him and he was wheeled off without tears. We will then head to clinic for his quick treatment. We are now at 32 weeks, only 10 more to go.

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