Future Days

Future Days PostWe broke out of the hospital yesterday! The doctors were very accommodating and we were home by noon. Shane did awesome! He looks great and is still smiling. Sometimes it seems like he gets super strength after his treatment, hence we found the theme for his first birthday-Captain America!

On Wednesday, Mom Mom, Ella and Aunt Megan visited us. Shane roamed the halls via a stroller and Ella made friends. She did really well and it was good to spend time with her.

The oncology floor has a playroom for the kids. On Thursday they had a music class. I took Shane, since he responds so well to music. The woman who runs the class has a cart of all different kinds of instruments and the children can choose any one they want to play. I really enjoyed watching the kids and seeing how well they responded to music and were able to get their feelings out. They sang “Let it Go,” which is a fan favorite in our household, but then they did “Tomorrow” from Annie and I almost lost it.

You know that moment when a song triggers a memory and you are flooded with emotion? Yep, it happened. Not quite sure why it was that song, but it was. The worst thing? They sang it again! I held it together long enough to make it back to our room and then I bawled my eyes out.

Our song for Shane is “Future Days” by Pearl Jam. Paul and I love Pearl Jam. We travel to see them and attend at least 2 (or more) shows every time they tour the U.S.. It’s funny how similar we can be. As we were going through this whole ordeal, we both said to each other that “Future Days” reminded us of him and what were we going through. We went to dinner with just Shane last week and as we finished up, it randomly came on. I mean you could listen to Pearl Jam radio all day and never hear this song. There it was and there we were, sitting in a restaurant, having a moment with tears streaming down our faces.

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