Happy 5th Birthday Shane!

Your smile is everything. It’s a reminder of the joy and laughter you brought to our lives. Whenever things are rough, I often think of your face and am reminded of your strength and resilience…my goodness it was great even only at the age of one.
When things got rough and you were very sick, Chase’s main concern was how we would celebrate you in the future.
That was development of our annual Celebration of Life.
It was way too difficult to celebrate on your actual birthday, so now we do that ahead of time and keep your day to ourselves.
Life gets busy and each year we plan around camps, time constraints, etc. However, we are sure to celebrate you and remember that moment when you entered this world and left the incredible impact you had on it…even though brief.
As Ella says, “I’m sure God is throwing Shane a big party today.”
Happy heavenly 5th Birthday Shane! You are dearly missed and loved each and every day.

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