He’s a Walker!

He's a Walker PostIt’s been awhile since we’ve updated. Life has been busy and it’s hard to believe it’s been 2 weeks since Shane turned one. On the 14th we began a 5 day treatment and completed it in the day hospital as an outpatient. It was successful and I don’t feel we have to be inpatient since Shane had no side effects. We were able to come home and spend time with the family. It is extremely difficult to keep him occupied now that he is mobile. Those few times we have to be inpatient will be spent aimlessly wandering the halls just to keep him busy. This week was a 15 minute treatment and while most of us thought he would need a transfusion, daddy was right and he didn’t! Shane was looking a little pale, but they believe we just use good sun protection (true)! In the past weeks, we’ve been reminded to enjoy each day. Shane is doing great and continues to impress them with how well he is doing. While we thought certain changes might be made to his treatment schedule, we were informed that it’s not in the cards. It was a blow to us, as our anticipation and hopes were crushed…but just for a little bit. We are still moving ahead with the plan, which is working and Shane continues to thrive. We believe in our little guy.

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