Moving Along

Moving Along PostShane finished his five day outpatient this week with little to no problems. He looked and acted much better this time around then last, but there had been more time between the last time we did this. He’s mobile now, which makes him having lines and a pole much more challenging. We kept pace with him as he made the rounds in clinic. He’s always nosy and trying to meet new people. You’ve got to love his upbeat personality and smiling face even while gong through so much. He got sick a few times, but mostly it’s in relation to taking medication. He overcame it both times and was eating normally within the hours that it happened. We have a big weekend coming up. The CHOP parkway walk is next Sunday. We raised $480 from our t-shirt fundraiser to be donated to CHOP. We were thrilled with the success of it all. We look forward to being apart of such a wonderful event.

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