Our 5th annual Celebration of Life is THIS Saturday!
If you haven’t registered, please do so before 6/14 to be entered to win a Yeti raffle prize:
See comments for the link 

This event is not possible without the love and support from our family, friends and our community.

This event is like planning a birthday party for our little guy who didn’t get the chance to see his 2nd birthday.

It’s not just this “thing” we do every year. 
It’s much bigger than that.

We are making a difference is the childhood cancer research world. We are bringing moments of reprieve to families affected by childhood cancer.

Wouldn’t you want to be apart of that too?

For our 5th annual Celebration of Life, Longwood Gardens has graciously donated two admission tickets!

Thank you so much!

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Thank you for the free tasting cards for our 5th annual Celebration of Life event!

We are super grateful for the support and generous donations from Wicked Cool Toys!

We will have multiple baskets this year at our 5th annual Celebration of Life. 

They are the makers of brands like Pokemon, Blinger, Cabbage Patch Kids, Lunch Pets and more! 
Check them out!*
*Link in comments. 

If you look at some of their products, you can even see some familiar faces!

Another amazing donation for our 5th annual Celebration of Life is from Vetri Cucina

They have graciously donated a Lunch Tasting for Two! 

Both the food and atmosphere is wonderful. This is truly a spectacular experience!

Thank you!

Thank you Kendra Scott for the generous necklace & matching earring donation for our upcoming Celebration of Life event!

We are honored to be supported by a company that focuses so much on philanthropy and gives back to their community.

Chase gave us permission to share.

Chase’s last school project was a poem anthology. He had to write an original poem. He wrote one amazing poem, even if he was in 3rd grade at the time he wrote it. He’s in 5th now. I wonder what he could create if he wrote more.

He never believes me when I tell him how incredible it is. 

If it weren’t for CHOP’s PACT team child life specialist Kelly, our children wouldn’t be able to communicate their grief to us or others. We are so very thankful to her❤️

Thank you Adventure Aquarium for your generous ticket admission donation!

We greatly appreciate your continued support!

A big “thank you” to YETI! Check out some of the amazing items we’ll have at the COL event. We love the colors!

Don’t forget to sign up early to be entered to win a YETI prize pack.

*Exact item donated

Thank you to Step2 for their generous toy donation to our 5th annual COL!