Radiation And Then Some

Radiation And Then Some PostWe would first to thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and motivation. Last week was rough. Like all new roads on this journey, there is an adjustment period. There are times that are so hard. I can now look back and be amazed that we got through some of those roads. Those experiences help us on new ones, knowing that eventually things will get better. This is what we went through last week. Shane had a lot of adjusting to do (some of which is still hard, but more manageable). By Thursday he had adjusted to waking up and not nursing, got used to sedation and was eating a bit more. He was battling a viral infection which caused a cough that led to vomiting and gagging. Thankfully, none of this was related to his therapy. This week Shane is our main man again! He is playing, eating and refusing to sleep. Big brother Chase had a lot of concerns about Shane’s new treatment, so yesterday he joined us. It was the first time Shane walked around and played before going in for treatment. Chase got a tour of the proton radiation machine and declared it to be like a Star Wars ship. Surgery for his g-tube placement was postponed for today. He has been jaundiced and his bilirubin levels were unusual, so before surgery they wanted an ultrasound to see if there was a blockage. The surgeon wanted both a US and CATscan. In a perfect world we could do both immediately and still have the surgery, but…well…you know. His surgery is rescheduled for Monday. I don’t wish to repeat the events of this morning and really don’t want to have my daughter wake up on her birthday (Tuesday) without me there. If we don’t, he is only on standby for Wednesday. This could be hours of waiting with a starving tot again and not really a guarantee. We also need to start his chemo as there are feel-able tumors growing. Paul took this picture of Shane while we waited to go back to sedation for the tests. This is him after not eating for 12 hrs. He is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, he fought and screamed for a good amount of time, but once he saw a familiar face (his oncologist), he calmed down.

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