SFD Holiday gift card drive for CHOP’s Palliative Care Team

This is a gift card drive for the families under the care of
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s PACT team.
Many of you have reached out to us during past holiday seasons and have helped.
We are assisting specific families again this year, but it’s too difficult to list those items and have people purchase them because in my opinion there needs to be a quick turnaround of gifts. Everyone’s situation is different when under the PACT team’s care, however all of these families are under their care because their child’s diagnosis is untreatable.
Time is important.
This is why we thought the gift card drive would be an amazing way for our supporters who want to participate in helping childhood cancer families during the holiday season. The PACT team heavily relies on the donations of gift cards to assist these families.
These families are either inpatient or outpatient. There are siblings to the sick children and bereaved children too.
These gift cards would ease the burden to the parents who are primarily focused on the well being of their sick child, as well as maintaining normalcy to their siblings. It’s difficult to go out and shop when you are caring for a sick child. No parent wants to leave their side. These gift cards will be so helpful.
Suggested gift cards would be: amazon, google play, xbox, netflix, Giant, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Target, children’s clothing stores (ages of children infant to teenager).
Please: no restaurants unless they are specific to the University City area or iTunes gift cards as there is abundance of these at CHOP for patients.
Gift cards can be mailed to :
Shane’s Future Days
P.O. Box 168
Abington, PA 19001


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