The End Of Round One

Thank you for your comments, emails, texts and calls. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support and touched that our little guy has won so many of your hearts.
Tomorrow we head back to CHOP for Week 13, the end of Round 1 of treatments. We will be inpatient since it’s a three drug cocktail requiring an overnight stay. It’s the harshest of his treatments.
The oncologists will meet and discuss his progress and case to make the best decisions for his next round of treatments. One day at a time.
Wish us luck, as little man is on his way to walking up, up and away! It’s going to be challenging to keep him entertained during the treatments, as he is more interested in cruising and pulling things apart. It’s exciting for us to watch, since he could barely sit upright anymore by the time of his diagnosis. With his first birthday weeks away, we are eager to see how much more he will be doing to signify this huge milestone.

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