Join us Saturday October 19th as we run, get muddy and have some fun for Shane’s Future Days at the Tough Mudder Tri State. Whether it is your first Tough Mudder or you have done them before, come join us for a great cause and experience. All ages and fitness levels welcome, it is not a race, we work together as a team to make sure everyone has a great time! We are running the ‘Tough Mudder Classic’ on Saturday. After you sign up below you will be able to join the team, follow the prompts in your confirmation email to join a team, and join Shane’s Future Days. If you have any issues, let us know and we will be able to email you an invite.

Don’t want to get dirty? No problem, donate to our cause here in support of those running for Shane’s Future Days. All money raised will go towards Christmas gift donations for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

As Paul mentioned at our 5th annual COL, we are funding a summer intern. Also, in honor of Kanen Wear, Hurrikanen Fights Back, and in memory of Antonio SantosStay Strong Antonio, Shane’s Future Days has donated $2,000 to a Ewing’s Sarcoma project. All of this has been through Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute.

Today is Shane’s 6th birthday. 
He would be SIX. I can’t really wrap my head around this.

We are often asked how we celebrate such a sad milestone. 
Honestly, each year is different. We have a simple tradition of having a cake based on a theme he liked or what we think he would enjoy. This too is getting harder. I am always thankful to have this consistency for now.

Shane was born on 07.11.13. He was perfect for us. Chase was born in ’07, Ella in ’11 and Shane in ’13. Together that marks Shane’s birthday.

Grief changes year to year. This year it’s been more physical. My body has been reacting in a allergic response to grief, i.e. asthmatic symptoms or allergic reactions. Like I don’t have enough to juggle at those times 🤔
But, that’s the truth. 

Each passing year will be a struggle. The distance grows and we cling to 19 months of memories we had with Shane. BUT, those memories were everything…the good, the bad and the beautiful. We were so lucky to have him share his life with us.

Ella shared her thoughts on today. When it’s raining, Shane is swimming. When it’s thundering, Shane is bowling. When it’s lightning, Shane is the star in his own rock band. 

The kids look forward to his birthday. They honor him, speak of him and now are teaching Will about him. Today at dinner, we said “Cheers!” to Shane and to our family and the happiness he brought us and continues to bring us. 
I said to Will, Shane brought you to us. Will raised his arm and said “yes,” as he looked up.

I can’t ask for a better ending to this day.

We want to thank everyone that came out to the event yesterday. To those that couldn’t make it out and sent in donations, thank you! It was a huge success. We raised close to $20k this year. Weather was perfect. Turnout was terrific. It was wonderful seeing old and new friends. So much thought goes into the event, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We kicked off the event with Fishtown vs Lighthouse in a friendly soccer match. We want to thank both teams for participating. It was so important for us to get the game in. Other than playing with his siblings, soccer was Shane’s everything. Special thanks go out to our speaker Dr Kamala Maddali. Her talk was truly inspiring. Now we rest, and start thinking about the 6th annual COL.