On July 8th, Chase and Ella hosted their 3rd annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand in memory of their brother Shane and in support of sarcoma research. 

We couldn’t be prouder of these two. Chase has grown in the past two years in his ability to walk in to various shore businesses and ask them to advertise for his stand, while teaching Ella how she can help. They both draw in crowds, speaking of the importance of childhood cancer research and about their brother Shane.

In the past three years, they have successfully raised over $4,000!

Our 3rd annual Celebration of Life was a success, despite some difficulty from Mother Nature!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we raised a little over $17,000 so far!!🎉🎉

There are many people to thank for helping make the day a success and for coming out and celebrating life and hope.🎗

Thank you to the players of the 07 VE Gunners and Fishtown Rowdies as well as their coaches and families for helping to kick off our event.
The kids played for Phil and the Stendardo family. Soccer was such a big part of Shane and “goal” was one of his last words.
We know he would have loved this addition.

Thank you to our families. We appreciate your love and support and on Saturday we couldn’t have prepared all the tents without your hard work!

Thank you to Scott and Mariah Starks Fata, Joy, Cecilio and Rose Santos and Dan and Megan Metzgar for helping run the tables and 50/50.
Thank you to Marc Rubinsohn for his great MC work and his fundraising efforts for the foundation.
Thank you to ASHS Mini-THON students who kindly volunteered their time, especially to Payton for her talented face painting skills.
Thank you to Chase & Ella’s McKinley Elementary school teachers who helped run and supply the snow cones.
Thank you to all our donors and sponsors and especially Kendra Scott for coming out and hosting a trunk show to further benefit the foundation.

Thank you to the staff Vereinigung Erzgebirge for helping us hosting such an amazing event.

Thank you to all of you who braved the weather on Saturday and helped us celebrate the day. These events don’t work without all of you, thank you so very much.

Thank you to those who generously donated even though you couldn’t be there.

Our COL is about truly celebrating life, appreciating every day, giving your kids an extra hug and raising money further childhood cancer research to build upon hope.

Thank you

We would like to give a heartfelt *thank you* for all the generous donations we received for #GivingTuesday. They were much appreciated in terms of assisting our foundation, but also served as as a reminder to us that we are making an impact.
We have almost completed our holiday gift giving. This year we adopted 5 families affected by childhood cancer and have only two more to deliver!
We would like to give a special THANK YOU (!!) to the following for donating and shopping for these families:
Blasy Family (Roxanne Mayoros-Blasy),
Courduff Family (Jeanette Geiger Courduff),
Duffy Family (Stephanie Marlowe Duffy),
Falcone Family (Liz Rauch),
Jaskelewicz Family (Tracy Latchford Jaskelewicz),
Markmann Family (Alicia Markmann), and
Pottichen Family (Katie Pottichen)
All these families are Chase’s teammates from the
2007 VE GUNNERS. The boys wanted to participate in helping make the holidays special for these families. We are so proud and thankful to them!
On Saturday, Shane’s Future Days is sponsoring the VE GUNNERS in a futsal tournament (#StormtheHeavens Futsal Cup) at Northeast Racquet Club & Fitness Center with the Fishtown Rowdies in honor of Philomena “Bean” Stendardo, a local Philadelphia girl diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I had been putting off family pictures because, well, we are missing an important family member.
Heather Milano Photography told me she would be there when I was ready. I saw a picture floating around FB and I really liked the idea behind it.

Heather reached out to me and said she could create something special for us. She had taken Shane’s pictures when he was with us. Also, Chase and Ella are growing and changing so much too.

Honestly, she went above and beyond all my expectations. We are so thankful and grateful to her and her talent.14711162_10154051491568995_528756852112382155_o