We received so much support from strangers, friends and family near and far. We never forget all you did. We remember the cards, the gift cards to restaurants, gifts to the kids, the meals that were personally delivered by friends from college, high school, my mom’s group, neighbors, food sent from friends across the country, personal notes, visits at the hospital and everything in between.
If we never sent a note of thanks, please know it wasn’t because we didn’t care or didn’t acknowledge. We did, we still do and still remember. Thank you all so very much. Time got away from us and at times I would post a words of thanks, but to be honest sometimes it was all so overwhelming. So, thank you to all of you for your support then, now and going forward. We honestly couldn’t have gotten through and continue to grow without your support.

How to Get Creative for Cancer Families

It’s Sunday. It’s Fall. It’s Football.
Since 2009, more than $18 million has been raised for American Cancer Society (ACS) through their NFL partnership.
For every dollar that is donated to ACS (including Relay for Life) only HALF A PENNY goes to all childhood cancer. There are about 120 different types of childhood cancer. Meaning-
For every $10,000 donated to ACS (this includes Relay for Life) each individual childhood cancer only gets .41 cents.
Think before you donate to some organizations claiming to help “cute bald children.” It’s not always the whole truth.
Shane was worth more than HALF A PENNY.
#SFD #HelpShaneFightCancer #letsdobetter #ARMSaware

The kids are back to school and now there are the sniffles and the coughs. I walk into the school and it’s the same sound everywhere.
I think to myself…how did we make it? How did I have a preschooler (totally germy), an elementary school child (at least they use hand sanitizer) and a child who had cancer?
Shane was only inpatient twice in his whole cancer journey for a fever because he caught something.
It’s a miracle in itself.
So, when you see those memes about not kissing babies….don’t kiss the babies. If your kids are sick…don’t send them to school. Honestly, just wash your hands.
When you come in from outside, before you eat, etc. I’m sure your mother told you this growing up.
The thing is….when your child has cancer all these things are so important.
They have no immune system. It’s completely wiped out by the chemo. You live by the count numbers…ANCs are the most important.
The end result is either a transfusion ( add an extra 4 hours on to your average trip for that) or hospitalization based on ANCs and fever.
This can also lead to delays in treatment. Pretty serious stuff when the chemo is the only thing killing these tumors.
So, if you know someone undergoing treatment..child or adult and they aren’t attending parties, go easy on them. Sometimes there are other bigger things going on behind the scenes that they don’t necessarily want to talk about.
We had lived our life based on Shane’s counts. Certain chemos made him EVEN MORE nutrapednic (low WBC). We made decisions on whether we attended events based on these. It wasn’t personal, it was what it had to be.
*This pic of Shane was a few hours before we rushed down to CHOP because his temp was over 101.4 (the standard in cancer patients for an ER visit). He had RSV. We remained quarantined for a week. We couldn’t leave his room. It was also the first week of December.
We missed my nephew’s 1st birthday and our family getting their first real tree.
#SFD #HelpShaneFightCancer #letsdobetter #ARMSaware

We tried to spend as little time at CHOP as we could. The doctors and nurses were amazing at helping us do this.
Shane was on your typical rhabdomyosarcoma maintenance protocol (yes, it’s only a “maintenance” one that exists for this type of cancer).
One week required a 5 day stay at the hospital because he would be receiving chemo for 5 consecutive days. Instead of staying, we would drive back and forth everyday. There was one chemo that we had to stay overnight for. He needed to receive a Neulasta shot 24 hrs after it. This chemo was also the harshest. Aren’t they all really??? I can’t believe I even wrote that.
Shane was so nosy. He wanted to see the nurses, the patients, check out the art room, get toys, play with toys, go to music class, go for a snack….and REPEAT.
He never napped. I guess he wanted to just live life.
I often think of this. Especially when I’m dog tired and wishing for Will to take a nap. I remember those moments I got to spend with Shane. I was so tired then, but I never FELT it. I just embraced it. No regrets. Ever.
These were Shane’s favorite monkeys. We visited them on our laps on the good floor….”south.”
Yes, he dressed himself too.