Can you hear it?

Can you feel it?
The hustle & bustle of the holidays.
I feel it too.

I want to put into perspective what some families affected by childhood cancer are feeling. What we felt a short 3 years ago. What we still feel in terms of our grief.

Some of the families we are helping this year are preparing for a wish trip, another has a child on hospice, one is bereaved, another a new diagnosis and one more facing a relapse.

Other families we know are entering their first holiday season without their child. Others have yet to celebrate the holidays even after 3-4 or more years since their child has passed.

Others are like ours and help other families and siblings affected by childhood cancer during the holidays.

It’s what helps when you are reminded of your lost child….
-a simple ornament
-the opening verse of your favorite Christmas song
-the traditions created, such as seeing Santa downtown
-their stocking

The list goes on….

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