About Shane: Shane is our third child and our familyโ€™s connection to childhood cancer. Shane’s life may have seemed short to some, but those who were touched by his gentle spirit understood that the quality of his life far exceeded the quantity of time. Whether playing nerf with his brother Chase, or making us, Read More

If you follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HelpShaneFightCancer), you know we had a busy December. With the help of our supporters and the Kendra Scott store in King of Prussia Mall, we were able to support families through the Kisses for Kyle Foundation and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Palliative Care Team. We bought individuals, Read More

Shane’s Future Days was excited to receive a menswear donation today from Vineyard Vines for our 4th annual COL! Thank you!  

        Well, it’s March and being snowed in has given me more than enough time to reflect. Thank you all for your comments on my recent post. I post as a healthy way to release my thoughts (I journal too). I do think that many of you who have followed our, Read More

Tomorrow is March. I don’t have to look at a calendar to know, I can feel it. The exhaustion, avoidance, sadness and dread has already taken over my body. Paul feels it too. He asked me last night why he was so tired. I just replied, โ€œitโ€™s almost March.” Grief is personal, random and, Read More

Can you feel it? The hustle & bustle of the holidays. I feel it too. I want to put into perspective what some families affected by childhood cancer are feeling. What we felt a short 3 years ago. What we still feel in terms of our grief. Some of the families we are helping, Read More

I know it’s been a awhile, but I assure you we have been busy behind the scenes planning and reaching out to begin our holiday giving program. Everything this year has been slow. I mean when the weather has been in the 60’s (not anymore!), it’s hard to think that the holidays are right, Read More

Day 3: Lost moments When you lose a child, you can’t help but wonder what the future would have held for them. As time goes by, you move along through the motions and sometimes it hits you…what could have been, where would Shane be now and what would he have liked? Paul and I, Read More

On July 8th, Chase and Ella hosted their 3rd annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand in memory of their brother Shane and in support of sarcoma research.  We couldn’t be prouder of these two. Chase has grown in the past two years in his ability to walk in to various shore businesses and ask them to, Read More

Our 3rd annual Celebration of Life was a success, despite some difficulty from Mother Nature! We are incredibly proud to announce that we raised a little over $17,000 so far!!๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ There are many people to thank for helping make the day a success and for coming out and celebrating life and hope.๐ŸŽ— Thank you, Read More