Tomorrow is March. I don’t have to look at a calendar to know, I can feel it. The exhaustion, avoidance, sadness and dread has already taken over my body. Paul feels it too. He asked me last night why he was so tired. I just replied, “it’s almost March.” Grief is personal, random and, Read More

We hope everyone enjoyed Halloween! We have been busy lining up our families for our holiday gift drive! It’s hard to believe the season is upon us already! As a family affected by cancer, we can tell you that while you want to really live and enjoy those moments during the holidays, it can, Read More

Wow. Thank you for such heartfelt congratulations and blessings for Will ❤️. This weekend was busy as Fall weekends usually are for us. It was filled with many soccer games. Today was also senior day for the Drexel Dragons women’s soccer team. While we were unable to make it to the game, we are, Read More

On Monday, Ella and Chase were introduced to Drexel University’s women’s soccer team. The Kisses for Kyle Foundation has created a partnership with the team in support of childhood cancer. Ella and Chase were chosen to be part of this partnership! You know how much our family loves soccer and some of us are, Read More