The beginning. Some are familiar with Shane’s story, but some are not. It all began with me taking a breather. I wasn’t seeing that much of Chase since he is in school all day and had soccer at nights. Usually my husband or father in law would take him to practice. On this day,, Read More

Deep thoughts…two parts Every day I begin thinking I’m going to do my daily childhood cancer awareness post first chance I get. That chance usually is when Will goes down for a nap. Then the side tracking happens. I have no short term memory. It’s terrible. I live with post-it notes or lists that, Read More

We received so much support from strangers, friends and family near and far. We never forget all you did. We remember the cards, the gift cards to restaurants, gifts to the kids, the meals that were personally delivered by friends from college, high school, my mom’s group, neighbors, food sent from friends across the, Read More

It’s Sunday. It’s Fall. It’s Football. Since 2009, more than $18 million has been raised for American Cancer Society (ACS) through their NFL partnership. For every dollar that is donated to ACS (including Relay for Life) only HALF A PENNY goes to all childhood cancer. There are about 120 different types of childhood cancer., Read More

The kids are back to school and now there are the sniffles and the coughs. I walk into the school and it’s the same sound everywhere. I think to myself…how did we make it? How did I have a preschooler (totally germy), an elementary school child (at least they use hand sanitizer) and a, Read More

We tried to spend as little time at CHOP as we could. The doctors and nurses were amazing at helping us do this. Shane was on your typical rhabdomyosarcoma maintenance protocol (yes, it’s only a “maintenance” one that exists for this type of cancer). One week required a 5 day stay at the hospital, Read More

How to answer the question, “How many kids do you have?” Seems simple right? You, just list them off. How do you answer that question when one is missing? They were physically here with you. Laughing, crying, a vital part of your family? Most of the times it’s strangers who ask. It doesn’t go, Read More

Day 17: The sibs speak out September. It’s a tough month for any kid. They go back to school after what seems like a brief moment of freedom. For Chase and Ella, it’s not just the start of a school year, but also childhood cancer awareness month AND their new brother’s birthday month. While, Read More

Day 16: It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit humid and unseasonable hot….more than I expected. I’ve been spending the days as busy as I can be. It helps take my mind off of wandering thoughts and nagging ones. This week, we will celebrate Will’s 1st birthday. It’s been an incredible year with, Read More

Will turned 8 months old this week. Shane was 8 months when he was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. It’s a mouthful and makes my head spin. Paul and I have always said to each other that this journey with Will is going to be a cautious one. We will not be relaxed, Read More