Day 25

Deep thoughts…two parts

Every day I begin thinking I’m going to do my daily childhood cancer awareness post first chance I get. That chance usually is when Will goes down for a nap. Then the side tracking happens.

I have no short term memory. It’s terrible. I live with post-it notes or lists that I usually forget when I leave the house. Somedays I rock and am on top of everything, but most times I walk into a store and forget why the hell I’m there.

People will ask me things. I forget. I leave letters, invitations, thank you’s on the kitchen desk forever until I either give up or mail them. i’m bad on replying to emails or texts too.

I have good intensions. I’ve tried brain exercises, sleep, you name it. It’s just a really crappy side effect from our cancer journey.
So, here I am posting now.

But, when I go to write the topic, what I started this morning completely changes. Which brings me to my part 2.

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