8 months old

Will turned 8 months old this week. Shane was 8 months when he was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.

It’s a mouthful and makes my head spin.

Paul and I have always said to each other that this journey with Will is going to be a cautious one. We will not be relaxed until his 2nd birthday. I am still vigilant about my tumor checks and am careful to really cherish every moment.
It’s a frustrating mental game because Shane’s cancer is not hereditary, but random. So, why drive ourselves nuts? Well, because we’ve walked those shoes and you can never be too careful in life.
It’s sad because all our innocence was stripped away.

For now, Will is meeting all his milestones. Chase taught him to crawl last week (for real!!) and he is determined to be a “big kid.” He looks so much like Chase, but his eyes remind me of Shane. Deep, blue and reflective of all life has in store…

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