On July 2, 2022, Chase and Ella held their 6th annual LemonAID stand in Ventnor, NJ at the Ocean Breeze Art Center. This lemonAID stand started in 2015 after Shane passed. Chase wanted to do something to give back and in memory of Shane. Ella was a bit younger then, but she was the, Read More

Chase gave us permission to share. Chase’s last school project was a poem anthology. He had to write an original poem. He wrote one amazing poem, even if he was in 3rd grade at the time he wrote it. He’s in 5th now. I wonder what he could create if he wrote more. He, Read More

Thank you to everyone who battled the winds and came out to Chase and Ella’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand! Ella’s outspoken poster advertising and Chase’s lemonade distribution led to them raising close to $600! Many thanks for another successful year raising awareness and research funds for childhood cancer.

Day 2: The Siblings Much in our family has changed since Shane took his last breathe on March 30, 2015. Our focus then and now has always been on Chase and Ella and now Will. To encourage them to look at the positive things in life. To let them know that bad things can, Read More