Day 12

The weight of childhood cancer
During the month of September, I try to post a little bit of our childhood cancer journey. Sometimes I slip up and get busy and other times, this month…the memories, our reality is just too overwhelming.
I feel as though it’s our responsibility to take part in raising awareness for childhood cancer. I am not alone.
Speaking with some advocacy peers tonight, I realized the insane reality that WE as parents are leading the awareness campaigns. We all deem this to be a responsibility of ours, but as one of them mentioned, it takes it’s toll.
So, that’s all I have to say for today. I wish I could say the month hasn’t gotten me down yet, but it’s only the 12th and I can’t even remember what I walked into a store for. I’m thankful for the alarms on my cell phone to remind me where each child has to be on what day and time.
Please join me in helping spread awareness this month. Help Shane’s voice be heard.
# SFD #HelpShaneFightCancer #letsdobetter #ARMSaware

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