Day 15

Did you ever wonder if there is a connection between our loved ones who have passed and those here on Earth? Even if they have never met?
I witnessed this today.
Will and I were jamming in our room. The song “True Colors” from The Trolls soundtrack comes on.
Will crawls to me and gestures for me to lift him up. Then points to Shane’s picture on the dresser. What he does, brings tears to my eyes.
He puts his head to Shane’s picture and puckers up a kiss.
He then grabs the picture and wants down. That was the moment I was able to capture. The rest was unexpected and filled my heart.
Back story: The song “True Colors” was used in a childhood cancer awareness video featuring CHOP cancer patients. Some of those patients were Shane’s friends…Antonio and Cassidy.
Ella in particular cherishes this song. Every time she hears it, she thinks of Shane and Antonio.
How would Will know all of this?

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