Day 28

We headed to urology to meet with the doctor. Upon examining Shane and looking over initial blood work, he was discharged with enlarged lymph nodes. The mass wasn’t discussed. It was considered a site of inflammation.
Shane had never been sick. No fever, nothing. The doctor said he looked perfectly healthy….like the “gerber baby.” The beginning of Shane’s everlasting nickname at CHOP.
We were to return within a week to see if there had been any changes in the size of the lymph nodes.
We returned (March 19th) and there was no change. The doctor seemed perplexed and wanted to send us to infectious disease for more opinions.
We met with the doctor and Shane was examined. He was prescribed an antibiotic. Within a day, the lumps appeared to double in size. Whether this was scientifically true, I can’t attest, however through visual eye/photos it looks as though they did.
We returned to CHOP on March 21st. It was a Friday. I always remember things were told to us on Fridays. We were then left to digest scary, anxiety causing news for the next three days, unable to do a damn thing about it, but try and keep ourselves sane.
We met with the infectious disease doctor and she discussed further testing, but Paul spoke up and said what if this is something more serious, like lymphoma. At the time, that was really the only serious disease we knew of.
An appointment was made with oncology. We had to wait three hours.

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