Day 29

We had three hours to sit and mull over the fact that we were headed to oncology about our almost 8 month old baby.
We went to lunch on UPenn’s campus. I used to work across the street and had been to the same place many times. Before we were married, while I was pregnant and every moment of our lives in between. I never thought I’d be sitting there under these circumstances.
We went to the oncology floor and waited to see the doctor. My eyes steadied on Shane. My head thought, “we don’t belong here.”
I knew the doctor. I had worked across the hall from him at my former job. He examined Shane and firmly said that Shane had some type cancer. We needed a biopsy to be sure. It was to be scheduled the following week.
The fact he said it was a cancer didn’t set in right away. We went to the desk to schedule our appointment. The receptionist said that they wanted us to have an MRI before the biopsy.
I looked at her and said they never told us that and she just looked at Shane and me and said “I’m so very sorry.”

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