Day 6

We are incredibly thankful for our partnership with the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute.
As a parent, you feel helpless when your child is fighting for their life. While, our story did not end the way we wanted to, we are able to continue Shane’s fight and legacy through cc-tdi.
The guidance and compassion we received from Dr. Keller when Shane was with us and the continued support from him and his research team after Shane’s death has been inspiring.
Shane’s tumors have furthered their research endeavors for alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.
While bittersweet, our family could not think of bigger gift than the gift to continue research to help other families so they can have hope for their children.
This month, if you feel inclined to support childhood cancer awareness, please consider a donation in Shane’s honor to continue the research he sacrificed to begin.
#SFD #HelpShaneFightCancer #ARMSaware #letsdobetter

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