Currently, our research funds will be allocated to the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute ( For many forms of childhood cancer, we’ve seen little to no advancement in treatment options for over thirty years. To overcome this stalemate, cc-TDI is embarking upon a bold scientific course of discovery to create more effective clinical trials for those childhood cancers that are most in need of treatments to save kids’ lives. Other funds will be distributed based on need and to help raise awareness for rare pediatric cancers.

Every year 350 children are diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. The funding for this type of cancer and other rare cancers is extremely low due to the rarity of cases. In general, the funding for pediatric cancer is less than 4% from the U.S. government’s cancer fund. Without a voice, nothing will change. Shane’s voice will be heard.

Help make sure that Shane’s voice is heard.

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