Holiday Gift Drive and CHOP PACT Gift Card Drive

The 21st is almost here and I wanted to pause and say THANK YOU to those who helped Shane’s Future Days brighten families affected by childhood cancer this holiday season.
-Our CHOP PACT team gift card drive and Holiday Gift Drive
Not only were we able to donate over $500 in gift cards,
we also helped a couple families through the PACT team
with all their holiday gifts
*Thank you to Kimberly Parker Cox, Bethany Parker,
Samantha Kane, Hope Anne Marie, Helene Metzgar, Roxanne Mayoros-Blasy and many more not on FB.
**A special thank you to the Falcone (Liz Rauch) family for buying gifts for specific members of our PACT families.
-Thank you to Wicked Cool Toys for your proceeds donation from your amazing 1st annual Santa’s Workshop event! We truly appreciate your efforts in putting on an outstanding event and supporting our families this holiday season.
-Four years ago, we moved in the middle of the most difficult part of our lives. It was crazy, overwhelming and before the move actually happened, we had no idea what our future held with Shane. We went into it before our trip to Boston.
We closed on 12/6/14 and that night Shane wound up at CHOP’s ER. We were quarantined for almost a week since he had RSV. We moved in 12/19/14 and on 12/22/14 I was back at CHOP with Shane for treatment. We came home on Christmas Eve. Somehow, every child’s room was set up as well as most of the house, along with 3 Christmas trees up and fully decorated.
It was a whirlwind with so much anxiety about the future. Our main goal was to get Shane into his new house and for him to live and enjoy it.
Now that….is holiday stress

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