National Sibling Day 2018

I am an only child, so it’s hard for me to relate to a day like this. I almost had a sibling. My parents told me on a special trip to Philadelphia where my father was stationed with the Navy. They told me I was going to be a big sister and gave me a yellow flower Care Bear trinket box. It had my favorite Care Bear on it…Friendship Bear. Ella now has that box on her dresser in her room.
My mom miscarried.
I remember waking up and finding only my dad asleep in their bed. I remember asking where my mom was. He told me she was in the hospital and that she had lost the baby. I didn’t understand. I asked well, “Why don’t we go find him.”
I’m not sure how far along my mom was, but I knew I was having a little brother. I remember this moment so vividly in my mind. I can actually picture me thinking he was lost in a shopping cart. I also felt awful and still do to this day, that she had to explain to people that she lost her child.

Today, Chase told me that he feels bad for Will. I asked why and he said because he doesn’t know what it would feel like knowing you lost a brother you never got to meet.

He said he was proud to have Shane as a brother. He acknowledged that Shane would probably be following him around and he would try to teach him to play video games, even though I would be opposed to it. Ella acknowledged that it made her sad, but she knows Shane is proud of her for being such a good big sister to Will.

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