I am an only child, so it’s hard for me to relate to a day like this. I almost had a sibling. My parents told me on a special trip to Philadelphia where my father was stationed with the Navy. They told me I was going to be a big sister and gave me, Read More

Today was the first day of the kid’s spring break. It was also a perfect day for their child life specialist from CHOP’s PACT team to visit. Did you know that March is child life specialist month? These positions are fully funded by donations. They are incredibly important to the emotional well being of, Read More

Tomorrow is Ella’s 7th birthday. Those of you who have been with us for a while, may remember that Shane and I had to stay overnight the night before Ella’s 4th birthday (yes, it’s really been 3 years already) at CHOP. Shane had to have G-tube surgery in order to receive a new chemo, Read More

Day 15: Shane continues to be on our minds every day. When we do things, go places, we often reflect on what it would be like if he were here with us. To say he is greatly missed is an understatement. Our children continue to reflect on their time with their brother. They speak, Read More

Yep, this is such a thing and THANK GOODNESS for it. We need people to be more aware that it is OK and healthy to talk about those we loved and lost. At whatever age. Chase and Ella have been exceptional in their understanding and vocalness to us about the loss of their brother., Read More

Say his name to us. Acknowledge that our children had a baby brother.. Let go of the thoughts and practices of the past….they only lead to more complications. Shane….   Please Don’t Forget About My Child