Tomorrow is Ella’s 7th birthday. Those of you who have been with us for a while, may remember that Shane and I had to stay overnight the night before Ella’s 4th birthday (yes, it’s really been 3 years already) at CHOP. Shane had to have G-tube surgery in order to receive a new chemo, Read More

Day 15: Shane continues to be on our minds every day. When we do things, go places, we often reflect on what it would be like if he were here with us. To say he is greatly missed is an understatement. Our children continue to reflect on their time with their brother. They speak, Read More

I’ve been using September to raise awareness for childhood cancer, as it’s the “designated” month for childhood cancer. In reality, everyday is a day for awareness when you have gone through what we have. I look around the stores and besides seeing Halloween decorations out before school started, I’m now seeing Christmas themes. If, Read More

      On 9/1/16 , our child life therapist from CHOP’s PACT team came over for a visit. The kids completed craft projects to celebrate Shane and childhood cancer awareness month.┬áDuring this time, Chase and Ella can safely talk about their feelings of Shane and cancer in general. Kelly has been with them, Read More

Day 2: Last year I approached September as a cleansing of thoughts in terms of our cancer journey with Shane. There are certain topics as we move forward that come to mind. These will come in time within the month. Some are difficult and others uplifting. Heading into the holiday weekend, I will begin, Read More

Our goal as parents are not only to raise kind and loving children, but for them to realize the world is bigger than themselves. Chase wanted to do an Alex’s Lemonade Stand ever since Shane was diagnosed. Last year, he successfully raised over $1400. He enjoyed doing it so much, he committed to doing, Read More

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Ella had her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was deemed necessary and so we headed back into a medical setting. Everything went well. It was all a familiar in terms of pre-surgery and post-surgery. The whole process brought back a lot of memories for Paul and I. It also brought, Read More