September 3rd




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On 9/1/16 , our child life therapist from CHOP’s PACT team came over for a visit. The kids completed craft projects to celebrate Shane and childhood cancer awareness month. During this time, Chase and Ella can safely talk about their feelings of Shane and cancer in general. Kelly has been with them since December 2014 after I asked for help in preparing them for the inevitable.

In that time, she has taught them about their feelings and emotions and how to control them and more importantly that it’s OK for them to have various feelings. 

Kelly went to Chase’s school after Shane passed and did a project with him and his classmates. Her team also held a separate meeting for parents on how to talk to their kids if they had any questions about what happened to our family. She supports Chase’s lemonade stand endeavors, as does her family. She is always just a phone call away if we have questions or need suggestions on how to help Chase or Ella sort through any situation.

We are incredible thankful for her and all she does for our family and other families like ours. To us, this is an important facet of the PACT team who supports families when their children go home on hospice.

Shane’s Future Days was proud to present Kelly’s psychosocial team with $2,000 again this year to continue their efforts to help families in similar situations.

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