One proud sister

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Ella had her tonsils and adenoids removed. It was deemed necessary and so we headed back into a medical setting.
Everything went well. It was all a familiar in terms of pre-surgery and post-surgery. The whole process brought back a lot of memories for Paul and I.

It also brought them back to Ella. She was brave and did very well. The next day, however, I found her in her room hysterically crying. I asked what was wrong and she just turned and looked at me and said “Shaney.” “I miss my Shaney so much.” We talked it through which is what we found works best for our kids.

Around the same time, I saw a post about a local 9th grade boy who was fighting cancer. It was his birthday and he was asking for people to donate toys to CHOP’s oncology unit. How incredibly selfless and an amazing idea! It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed this about children who have cancer, but I’m always amazed how they put other people ahead of themselves.

I told Ella about him and we took off on a shopping spree. She made sure to get the things she remembered most about her time spent at CHOP. Most importantly, she picked out a special toy that she thought Shane would love the most. We delivered the toys to him to distribute and she was one proud sister.


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