1, 2…3!

In our family, we celebrate birthday weeks.
Monday, Jully 11th, was Shane’s 3rd birthday. Chase and Ella did a wonderful job planning our day.
It was full of soccer, the zoo, cake and a sunset balloon release. It was busy, which is how we like it. The rest of the week was full of soccer and friends. It ended with a family trip down the beach. The whole Metzgar family was together in Shane’s favorite place.

I wish I could say it gets easier, but really it doesn’t. The feelings get softer, but the pain runs deep. Paul and I listen as Chase and Ella converse. Their conversations are ones that at their age, we never had. We either weren’t exposed to the reality of death or weren’t mature enough to emotionally handle it. These two are truly wise beyond their years. 

Thank you for all the warm wishes to Shane and our family. We truly appreciate you remembering our sweet little man!

Side note: I grabbed three candles to light Shane’s cake. Yellow, red and green. We sang “Happy Birthday” and after blowing them out, one candle re-lit. It was green, Shane’s favorite color.
Out of a pack of 28, only 8 were re-lighting. The kids got a kick out of it.IMG_9607

IMG_9583 IMG_9598

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