When your child is diagnosed with cancer, you feel isolated from everyone. It’s not necessarily that people make you feel like that, well some do, but you just are. You are that, “cancer family.” The childhood cancer community is similar to normal society. People who have nothing in common, find commonality and friendship because, Read More

March 28, 2014 We received Shane’s official diagnosis. We waited all day to hear from the doctors. There was a weight on us. Our baby had cancer, but as we mentioned before, when we left the hospital two days before, the doctors said it was treatable. We were optimistic. At 4pm, my phone rang., Read More

Today Shane would have been 4.5. We never celebrate half-birthdays, but since he left us, it’s a mentally noted moment for us. This time last year, I wasn’t feeling so great and what seemed like a repeat in time, I took a random test, just like I did in November 2012 and discovered I, Read More

Day 7: Events for a Cause! TODAY: The Kendra Scott store at Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA is holding a Kendra Gives Back Sips and Sweets to benefit Shane’s Future Days during Childhood Cancer Awareness month! When: Today, Thursday September 7, 2017 6PM – 8PM *If you do not live in the area, you, Read More

Today is September 1st, the start of childhood cancer awareness month. Every morning I wake up to this picture. It sits prominently on our dresser. My eyes immediately search to it. It’s beautiful and sad all at the same time. It reminds me of our beautiful son. It reminds me of the journey he, Read More

In our family, we celebrate birthday weeks. Monday, Jully 11th, was Shane’s 3rd birthday. Chase and Ella did a wonderful job planning our day. It was full of soccer, the zoo, cake and a sunset balloon release. It was busy, which is how we like it. The rest of the week was full of, Read More

Sometimes after big events, it knocks the wind out of you. The months leading up to them, you are hustling and working around your everyday life. The day comes and then BAM. You need some time to decompress. Well, I guess we took that time to decompress and now we start again. Chase is, Read More