On March 30, 2015 we said goodbye to Shane. This day is never easy for us. Never is, and never will be. Since Shane passed, March has been a tough month for us, but we move forward. His life put life into perspective. You truly realize what’s important. We are so thankful he was, Read More

Today I delivered the last of our holiday gifts. I then bawled for a half hour before I could pull myself out of it. So many memories of that time with Shane and the story of the family hit home. There are just so many things that occur in a family’s life when your, Read More

Day 3: Lost moments When you lose a child, you can’t help but wonder what the future would have held for them. As time goes by, you move along through the motions and sometimes it hits you…what could have been, where would Shane be now and what would he have liked? Paul and I, Read More

Today is September 1st, the start of childhood cancer awareness month. Every morning I wake up to this picture. It sits prominently on our dresser. My eyes immediately search to it. It’s beautiful and sad all at the same time. It reminds me of our beautiful son. It reminds me of the journey he, Read More

Strength of an Egg “Parents of children with cancer, or any serious condition, are often referred to or viewed as having strength “like a rock”. Although flattering, it isn’t quite true. It is more like the strength of an egg. An egg, you ask? Yes! If you’ll think about it, you’ll see my point., Read More

“Christmas brings family and friends together, it helps us appreciate the love in our lives we can often take for granted. May the true meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings.” * Special thanks to Heather Milano Photography for creating these amazing images for us.

It was a busy weekend filled with soccer and celebrating the season. Today we followed one of our family’s traditions of taking the kids downtown to see Santa at Dickens Village in center city. We have been doing this since Chase’s 1st Christmas and have continued it with Ella and Shane and even now., Read More

A friend of the family dedicated this brick to Shane. A little piece of him is in NEPA. On our way home from spending the holiday in my hometown, we stopped and saw it in person. It was touching, a bit sad and a reminder that indeed our son’s star does shine brightly in, Read More

From Paul:   Last night we were lucky enough to see Temple of the Dog at the Tower, thanks to a friend. This band was formed as a tribute when a band member passed away from a heroin OD. Tonight TOTD opened with Say Hello to Heaven. While this song is about losing a, Read More