Say Hello to Heaven

From Paul:


Last night we were lucky enough to see Temple of the Dog at the Tower, thanks to a friend. This band was formed as a tribute when a band member passed away from a heroin OD. Tonight TOTD opened with Say Hello to Heaven. While this song is about losing a friend to addiction, there are lyrics that really hit home describing the loss of a loved one. You think you know the words to a song, until you sit back and truly listen.

I had titled my eulogy to Shane, Say Hello to Heaven. These words ring true. Simple, yet powerful and so beautifully written. 

“New like a baby
Lost like a prayer
The sky was your playground
But the cold ground was your bed
Poor stargazer
She ‘s got no tears in her eyes
Smooth like whisper
She knows that love heals all wounds with time
Now it seems like too much love
Is never enough, you better seek out
Another road ’cause this one has
Ended abrupt’
I never wanted
To write these words down for you
With the pages of phrases
Of things we ‘ll never do
So I blow out the candle, and
I put you to bed”

There’s just one thing left to be said”

Say Hello to Heaven, Shane. We miss you always.

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