September 1, 2017

Today is September 1st, the start of childhood cancer awareness month.
Every morning I wake up to this picture. It sits prominently on our dresser. My eyes immediately search to it. It’s beautiful and sad all at the same time.

It reminds me of our beautiful son. It reminds me of the journey he went through…those ups and downs. It reminds me that he should be here as a playful 4 year old. It reminds me to have strength each day, no matter what obstacles are ahead.

We’ve shared this month with so many other families since 2014. It’s changed us. It’s shown us what is important in life. It has us fighting on a daily basis to make a difference in##chi rare cancer research.

Thank you for sharing Shane’s journey. Cancer is terrible at any age, but when it’s a child whose life barely even began, there is no comparison. If we don’t stand up for Shane and other children like him, who will?

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