Today is September 1st, the start of childhood cancer awareness month. Every morning I wake up to this picture. It sits prominently on our dresser. My eyes immediately search to it. It’s beautiful and sad all at the same time. It reminds me of our beautiful son. It reminds me of the journey he, Read More

Day 29: September is almost over, but our fight for awareness, research and assistance doesn’t end when the month does. Thank you for reading our posts, liking our page, sharing our page and helping to spread the reality of childhood cancer. We don’t just do this to give meaning to Shane’s life, but for, Read More

Our magic number for CHOP was 101.4. Once Shane was diagnosed and we had our “team cancer meeting,” they tell you you need to attend a cancer 101 course through the hospital. Whoever was going to be involved in Shane’s care was urged to attend. The most important topic of that meeting was the, Read More

This is a fairly difficult one. This video is of Shane 18 days before he passed. You can see the toll the radiation took on his head. Those are the remains of radiation burns.This looked GREAT compared to what it looked like a week before. It started as a small red patch at the, Read More

Day 13: Shane’s type: alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: Less than 10% in his age group

15 years ago today our country experienced a horrific tragedy. We will always remember that day so clearly. We remember those who lost their lives, those brave rescuers and those who lost loved ones. Paul and I were living in the DC area at the time. Paul’s apartment was just blocks away from the, Read More

No truer words to describe children with cancer.   Shane, you are our hero.  

Day 8: Community Paul is a PSU alum and I can tell you that as long as I’ve known him, he has ALWAYS stopped and given to the PSU student canners. This was before we personally knew the reality of childhood cancer. In March 2015, we were asked to speak at what will be, Read More

Today, I got by “with a little help from my friends.” It’s Back to School day for Chase and Ella. It’s a difficult day on many levels. First, Ella entered Kindergarten. This alone saddens me. Where have the years gone when my little shadow was playing school and trying to read over her brother’s, Read More