September 19th

Our magic number for CHOP was 101.4.

Once Shane was diagnosed and we had our “team cancer meeting,” they tell you you need to attend a cancer 101 course through the hospital. Whoever was going to be involved in Shane’s care was urged to attend.

The most important topic of that meeting was the fever. They even hand you magnets with 101.4 on it and all the oncology numbers you need to call if his fever were to reach that level.

When children have ports the risk of infection is higher. Some of these infections could be blood infections, which could be life threatening.

Looking at a lot of pictures of Shane, he is frequently seen around our home carrying his beloved thermometer. Lucky for us, he went 5 months without ever having a fever. In the cancer world, that’s damn good. His first fever was in September. If you look at him, he never looked sick.

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