September 20th

A few of Shane’s favorite things

We all know that Shane had cancer. But, do you know other things about him? Our son was so full of life and loved many things, here are just a few of his favorite things.
Favorite color: green
Favorite book: “Goodnight Gorilla”
Favorite toys: Vtech smart cars, anything that played music and sport balls
Favorite stuffed toys: Curious George and Tigger
Favorite song: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk
Favorite movie: “Frozen”
Favorite activités: -running in the middle of Chase’s nerf gun fights with daddy and handing daddy the darts
-stealing all of Ella’s stuffed animals-this is why Shane has his OWN Curious George, because he tried to take hers
-running laps around our house, as well as the hospital
-kicking the soccer ball around-one of his last words besides “mama” was “goal!”
Favorite TV show: Elmo, particular the episode “Balls.” He used to sing the jingle all the time
Favorite place: the beach
Favorite snack: Pirate booty
Favorite food: strawberry bagels from Hot Bagels &More and broccoli- I had to fight with CHOP to give it to him at 9 months old. They told me it was a choking hazard. The doctor had to get involved to have it be put on his list of acceptable foods.
Favorite clothes: Pearl Jam onesies with bab14362572_678493228969410_759175258242748174_oy legs
Favorite blanket: his ani and anais elephant blanket
Favorite animal: kangaroo-every time we went to the zoo, which was a lot!



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