September 7th

Today, I got by “with a little help from my friends.”

It’s Back to School day for Chase and Ella.
It’s a difficult day on many levels.
First, Ella entered Kindergarten.
This alone saddens me.
Where have the years gone when my little shadow was playing school and trying to read over her brother’s shoulder?

Then there is the reminder that Shane WOULD have been entering Pre-K.
He would have followed in his sibling’s footsteps and gone to the same, wonderful preschool and perhaps have had the same teachers. This alone is enough to rip my heart in two.

I thought about this notion on Monday. Ella mentioned it yesterday, stating that she was going to Kindergarten and “Shaney” was headed to Pre-K. How we wish, right?

I thought about the Back to School pictures and when Ella returned with her badge, I made one of my own. It’s the reality and the truth. Today, was beyond difficult. I am thankful for those who helped distract me.

But, Shane is always there….
Paul and I walked the kids to the bus stop and walked home hand-in-hand. As we went up the driveway, a brilliant cardinal flew across our path.



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