September 6th


I’ve been seeing this over the last couple days and it brought me back.
This was us with Shane during his entire treatment. We had gloves in our diaper bag, at my in-laws, in his room…everywhere.

As I mentioned before, we were incredibly blessed that Shane took to his chemo treatments so well. He did get sick maybe a handful of times, but nothing like some kids get. You know, the ones who have parents carrying puke bags or buckets around with them as they stroll the halls getting their treatments.
Anyway, he just started his first chemo. It was overnight and the next day he puked all over me. The nurse on duty looked horrified and said: “you will want to change your clothes now.” I said, “Seriously?” She turned and nodded and then added, “Maybe even shower, if you can.”

Another memory that came back was when Shane went home with Etoposide. This was his at-home chemo and our last treatment option.
When we began, I asked the doctors about proper usage, like designating an area in our house where I would draw it up and administer it. Then I asked how to properly dispose of the syringe. They told me no one had ever asked that before. A lot of people carry this type of chemo in their purses(!).
Given my background, I decided to designate an area in his room. I had gloves, tubs, chucks (absorbent pads from the hospital) and  used an empty laundry container to dispose of the syringes. The chemo (in liquid form) was stored in a tub, along with the laundry container high on a shelf in his closet so that his siblings never touched or got near any of it.

It’s heartbreaking. I remember how stressful this was. I would lay awake at night wondering if I remembered to clean up properly. I would check and re-check the containers to make sure there were no spills.
You do whatever it takes if it will save your child.

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