September 14th

This is a fairly difficult one.
This video is of Shane 18 days before he passed. You can see the toll the radiation took on his head. Those are the remains of radiation burns.This looked GREAT compared to what it looked like a week before. It started as a small red patch at the base of his head. We lathered him up with aquaphor, but nothing seemed to work. It grew and got worse. It looked sore and eventually became infected. He was put on antibiotics and thankfully we found a special lotion used to treat radiation burns. 

This was difficult. If it looked like this on the outside, our thoughts always wondered what it looked like on the inside. He smelled for a good while of burnt skin. I can’t even describe the feelings and thoughts Paul and I experienced at this time. All we knew is that this would buy us more time with Shane and for his siblings to be prepared for what was ahead.

He is also wearing his favorite PJ’s. Those are the ones he wore at the end and I sleep with them under my pillow every night.

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