Merry Christmas 2017

Today I delivered the last of our holiday gifts. I then bawled for a half hour before I could pull myself out of it. So many memories of that time with Shane and the story of the family hit home.

There are just so many things that occur in a family’s life when your child is diagnosed.
The weekly trips to the hospital, the difficulties in port access, the tolerance of the chemo and/or radiation, the starvation for scans, the unplanned transfusions and then hours and hours you spend waiting for appointments, scans, results etc.

Then there is the balance of life at home with other siblings, immunocompromised systems…the list goes on. Then add the holidays to all of this.
A snapshot a what a childhood cancer family goes through.
This is what real stress and worry is about. It’s not the shopping, cooking and prepping.

For a brief moment, we hope we have let those families have a bit of relief and/or let them know they are being thought of.

Thank you to those of you who contributed to our holiday gift drive. Thank you for those who have supported our foundation this past year.

We have a bright year ahead of us.
The research from Shane’s tumors has exciting developments thanks to the incredible efforts of Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute. We are pinning down a date for our fourth Celebration of Life and I’m working on a side project that I hope can assist more families and research.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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