September 3, 2017

Day 3: Lost moments

When you lose a child, you can’t help but wonder what the future would have held for them.

As time goes by, you move along through the motions and sometimes it hits you…what could have been, where would Shane be now and what would he have liked?

Paul and I experienced that this past weekend.
Soccer season has started.
Chase has been playing with his team in tournaments and Ella’s season started on Friday.

As we struggled with some apprehensions, we reminded Ella that Shane would be starting soccer this year too. As the words came out of our mouths, the emotions hit. Wow, he really would have been kicking around that soccer ball and playing in the same program as her.

He was doing pull-backs at 14 months old and made every game of his big brother’s since he was born and then when he could during his treatments.

We know we are not alone. Unfortunately lots of other families experience the lost moments of heading to college, another family vacation, the first day of school pics and the list goes on.

Our children are worth more than 4%.


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