Planning ahead

Sometimes after big events, it knocks the wind out of you. The months leading up to them, you are hustling and working around your everyday life. The day comes and then BAM. You need some time to decompress. Well, I guess we took that time to decompress and now we start again.

Chase is busy planning his second annual Chase and Shane’s Future Days Alex’s Lemonade Stand down the shore. He was so proud (us too!) of his stand last year, that he wished to do it again. This is Chase’s way to honor the memory of his brother, Shane and our family’s good friend, Antonio.
The planning for this event comes at a time tender to our hearts. Shane’s 3rd birthday is approaching in 2 days and the one-year anniversary of Antonio’s passing is in 6 days.
The paths of these two are intertwined. Forever. We are comforted knowing that Shane has a big brother up there watching out for him as well as helping him pull jokes on us down here.

Paul and I are also planning on visiting Dana Farber in Boston. We traveled there with Shane for a second opinion  to make sure we were doing the very best we could in terms of his treatment. The money raised from our ‪#‎tailgateforgood‬ will go there.


We just wanted to update everyone on our continued efforts. There will be more details coming soon. Thank you for the support!


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