Sibling Loss Awareness Day-Yes this really does exist!

Yep, this is such a thing and THANK GOODNESS for it. We need people to be more aware that it is OK and healthy to talk about those we loved and lost. At whatever age.

Chase and Ella have been exceptional in their understanding and vocalness to us about the loss of their brother. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and other times (like lately) it’s muddy.

We are navigating the best we can and we would like to thank those of you who have been above and beyond supportive. I am so glad that they have a great group of friends. 

It’s a difficult. When starting a new school, meeting a new friend, living in a new neighborhood. Shane is apart of us…forever. They talk about him all.the.time. It’s so good for them and us, but at times it can be awkward. I was once told by someone that they didn’t want their child to know that people or more particular that children died of cancer. Well, that was a line for me. There is no way I would ever stop either of them from expressing their feelings about their brother. He fought so hard for the short life he had to be here. It counts for something and so do Chase and Ella’s feelings.


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