Round One Almost Over

Round One Almost Over Post12 weeks. That’s how far we’ve made it. Nothing has changed. He is still smiling, not sleeping, never been sick and no fever. All the while, toxins are being pumped into his body, killing off these cells that have thrown our lives into a tailspin.
Tomorrow is the day we find out where we go from here. It’s a day that has been weighing on us. Each day the anxiety and sleeplessness has increased. I am assuming it’s only natural to feel this way. The kids are picking up on it, as they are tearing around the house and giving us a harder time than usual.
Tomorrow is also Chase’s last day of first grade (OMG). Perfect timing as always! I’m sad for him. I want him to be away from the reality of this, to be with his friends and enjoy the happiness life brings.
So, please say some prayers, send so good juju and hopefully the Gerber baby will become a case study.

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