The Big One(s)

The Big One(s) PostYesterday was not only chemo day, but the day Shane turned 11 months old. Wow, our little man will be a year in 30 days. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about all he’s endured in his short life. From the outside looking in, you would never know he is sick. Even now after almost 12 weeks of chemotherapy, 2 surgeries, multiple scans and 5 hospitalizations, he looks like a normal baby. For us, his first birthday is bigger than your typical one. It’s a celebration of his life and all HE’s accomplished from the diagnosis day. We look forward to sharing that day with friends and family in the upcoming weeks.

Chemo day went smoother than past visits. They made some tweeks to the clinic and in our opinion, it’s working! I’m still waiting on his counts, but what they had so far was good enough to go through with his chemo.

Next week is a BIG week. He will go through all his scans again. Scans to a cancer family are everything. It will give us a tangible proof that the treatments are working. There is also the possibility of his treatment options changing. Either way, it’s a biggie and we are sleepless, anxious and hopeful.

Thank you again for all your support. My husband, said it all in the previous post. Sunday was amazing and left us speechless. We are thankful to the organizers and all who graciously donated wonderful items to the auction and raffle. We appreciate our friends who traveled so far (California, South Carolina and Pittsburgh) to be there and those who came from in and around the Philadelphia area. It was truly a celebration of hope

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